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Sweet Land is a poignant, lyrical celebration of land, love, and the American immigrant experience. In 1920 Inge Altenberg journeys to America to marry a bachelor farmer, sight unseen. But in the wake of WWI, Inge's German heritage turns her new neighbors against the match. Under cathedral skies, the determined young immigrant and her stoic farmer fight for their lives, facing their own misgivings and the harshness of an unforgiving land. A lyrical celebration of hard-won independence and a reflection of generations past, Sweet Land reminds us of who we are — and where we came from.

Book by Perrin Post & Laurie Flanigan Hegge

Lyrics by Laurie Flanigan Hegge

Music by Dina Maccabee

From the film Sweet Land by Ali Selim and the short story

"A Gravestone Made of Wheat" by Will Weaver

Orchestration by Robert Elhai 





Ann Michels*

Robert Berdahl*

Tinia Moulder*

Jon Andrew Hegge*

Michael Gruber*

Jim Ramlet

Norah Long*

Matt Riehle

Jason Hansen

Randall Davidson

Colleen Bertsch

Dylan Younger

Josh Ackerley


TOURING CAST (Replacements)

Kendall Anne Thompson*

Peter Middlecamp

Tod Petersen*

Dan Piering

Eric Solberg

Janet Hanson

Luke Pickman

Brian Pekol

Sarah Burk

Jay Albright*


*Actor's Equity



Director: Perrin Post

Workshops Produced by: Buffalo Gal Productions, Nautilus

& The History Theatre

Premiere Produced by: The History Theatre

Musical Director: Jason Hansen

Choreography: Joe Chvala

Set Design: Erica Zaffarano

Lighting Design: Mike Grogan

Props:  Lee Christiansen

Costume Design: Paula Post

Sound Design: C. Andrew Mayer

Photography by: Rick Spaulding




     "Sweet Land, the Musical is an occasion for cheers! This new musical is based on the same-named 2005 film, which in turn was based on Will Weaver's short story "A Gravestone Ade of Wheat." Perrin Post and Laurie Flanigan Hegge adapted the story for the stage, with Flanigan Hegge writing lyrics for songs composed by Dina Maccabee. The result is a beautiful work of musical theater. The Book is literate, rich in warmth and humor, and creates fully formed characters who speak in the voice of their place and time. Maccabee's lovely folk-flavored music captures the essence of rural life in 1920 Minnesota, with rising swells that convey the deep emotions at the heart of the story.  


     Co-author Perrin Post also serves a the show's director, and she brings just the right blend of love story and history lesson, wisely giving the edge to the former. She seamlessly transitions between scenes and fluidly moves the ensemble in and out of the story. Of the cast of thirteen, six members of the ensemble also appear as the show's orchestra. As called for, they step away from their instruments or carry their instruments with them, playing small roles or joining a choral or dance piece as one of Olaf's neighbors. The effect of this is to meld the music and the on-stage community together, making the music an organic part of the story."


Review by Arthur Dorman  - Talkin' Broadway


The rights to produce this show are available. If you have any questions please contact

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