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(A New Musical)



Big Island is inspired by Minnesota history and the Twin Cities Rapid Transit Company that built the original streetcars from St. Paul to Minneapolis to Minnetonka.  Big Island was transformed into an amusement park from 1906 to 1911 by the Lowry family of Minneapolis. Big Island today is a nature preserve that only remnants remain of buildings. 


Eleanor Lowry champions her family history (circa 1906) by creating, Big Island Amusement Park as the final destination for the family owned Twin Cities Rapid Transit train company.  Eleanor hires a Chicago Orchestra under the direction of Alexander Sweet, a black, Band Leader for opening weekend.  Alexander is intrigued by Eleanor’s intelligence and beauty; she finds him fascinating and his music savvy.  Eleanor’s journey as a business entrepreneur, wife, mother, and daughter of Thomas Lowry, brings her heart-ache when she decides to leave her family to follow Alexander creating a new life.  Eleanor’s new life does not come to fruition and Big Island is dismantled after her Father’s death, due to harsh winters and revenue loss.  In this memory play, Eleanor Lowry, visits Big Island one last time, recalling her unrequited love for Alexander, as she sees the fate of her own mortality.

Book & Lyrics by Perrin Post

Compositions by TBD


Coming Soon.

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