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APRIL 2001




Kersten Rodau as Moneypenny
Grant Richey* as "M" and "Q" 
Prudence Johnson 
Michelle Carter 
Julianne Mundale* 
Tim Tucker* 
Christina Elder 
Andreea Parsons 
Kyle Zaemisch 
Jona Alonzo 

*Actors Equity 


Conceived By: Perrin Post 
Book by: James Christensen 
Director: Perrin Post 

Choreographers: Julianne Mundale, Tim Tucker 
Musical Direction: Peter Brophy 

Orchestrations: Joe Morrissey 
Sound Design: Twin Town Sound

Photography by: Kurt Koefod



"...In this, Buffalo Gal Productions fourth show, Post definitely plays to her strengths and has assembled a fine cast to help her bring off her vision. Fortunately for Bond-Ophiles, she has once more sprinkled her stage with lovely ladies. Unlike the real Bond-babes, these women are able to exhibit their talent when vertical..." 

-Tammy Schulman, The Pulse


"This homage to James Bond theme songs features Rodau as "Miss Moneypenny" in a quirky turn that shows off her humor, grace, and stage charm. The night I saw the revue, the crowd audibly yipped the first time Rodau let loose with her big voice." 

Talent Shout: Graydon Royce, Star Tribune 


"If the mark of strong stage direction and production values is the intense degree to which a concept is committed and ultimately realized, then director Perrin Post conceptualization of Martinis Girls & Guns... is a sterling example of those values. This show also portrays some dynamic images of female sexuality along the lines of illustrious 60's icons." 



"...James Christensen's clever dialogue and parody-driven narrative structure..." 



"...Peter Brophy's vibrant musical directions and orchestrations..." 


"...Post is one smart director. Her performers emulate the melodramatic acting style of espionage films made during the cold war in the 1960s. The ensemble's realization of the texture of that style works palpably on the audience. It's a brilliant achievement, proof that Post researches the era at hand. She and choreographers Julianne Mundale and Tim Tucker are meticulous in their attention to period and style..." 


"It's hard to take your eyes off of Rodau's crisply excecuted performance, which penetrates Moneypenny's obsession with the truthfulness that a lesser actress might have neglected to bring to her performance..." 

"...Grant Richy delivers a goofily-detailed rendition of "M", a zany British intelligence bureaucrat reminiscent of Peter Sellers..." 


"...The singers are great. Prudence Johnson gets to do a rendition of Goldfinger that competes with the original enthralling version by Shirley Bassey. Michelle Carter's take on For Your Eyes Only is heartbreakingly lovely..." 


-John Townsend, Lavendar Arts and Entertainment 



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