PROTEST, a Revolutionary Rock Opus is all about brave women and the movements that have defined them, in their communities, in politics and around the world. Women who’ve raised their fists and their voices in protest. No matter the cultural issue—gun violence, climate change, civil rights--women have been on the forefront, leading the protests and fighting for change.

In a time when COVID-19 dimmed the lights on live music venues and theaters around the world, PROTEST is proof that creativity cannot be silenced. It’s in that spirit that we’re fighting to give voice—and provide employment--to the many talented artists, writers, composers and lyricists that are helping bring this rock event to life.

With your financial help, we can employ the many talented artists who are giving life to this revolutionary rock musical. We can bring history, hope and a potent “how to” lesson to a whole new generation of powerful—and essential—young protesters.

Your support goes straight to the singers, songwriters and creative team to help turn these incredible songs into a full stage production!


Nora Montanez, Protest, a Revolutionary Rock Opus Concert
Ashley DuBose, Protest A Revolutionary Rock Opus Concert

Photos by Rick Spaulding

Top Right: Ashley DuBose

Lower Left: Nora Montanez

Lower Right: Jill Mikelson, Kymani Kahlil, Barb Cohen