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Summer 2021


PROTEST: A Revolutionary Rock Opus

PROTEST pays tribute to the Women Activists that have made a substantial impact on their communities, politics, and the world!  Together, these famous protesters ride the resurrected Freedom Bus to a variety of decades re-experiencing each Protest where they begin to create conversations to help understand one another and begin healing between races, generations, and the reason why we must protest for change.  


The exciting NEW original Rock compositions in PROTEST transcend the decades. The songs were created for Protests ranging from the Civil Rights era to Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, Gun Violence, Voting rights and suppression, Women’s rights, Immigrant rights, and War.  The inspiration for PROTEST came to fruition in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the upheaval in the Twin Cities that followed.  The Covid 19 pandemic left Artists with free time, unemployed, and the urge to help in whatever way they could.  Several Artists (composers, lyricists, producers)  signed on to help create these exciting new songs.  PROTEST a Revolutionary Rock Opus was developed to not only give employment to artists, writers, composers, and lyricists in this time of COVID-19 but to give them an outlet to inspire change in our society through their music!


PROTEST, a Revolutionary Rock Opus pays tribute to:

Greta Thunberg  (Climate Activist)

Emma Gonzalez (Parkland Gun Control Activist)

Amanda Gorman (Poet)

Maya Angelou (Poet)

Alice Paul (Suffragette)

Stacey Abrams (Voting Rights)

Malala Yousafzai (Female Education Activist)

Kimberly Jones (George Floyd Activist & Author)

Dolores Huerta (Agriculture Activist)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Green New Deal, Politician)

Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors & Opal Tometi (Black Lives Matter Co-Founders)

Elaine Brown & Angela Davis (Black Panthers)

Diane Nash (Civil Rights Activist)

Whoopi Goldberg, America Ferrara, Gloria Steinem (Million Woman March)

Jayna Zweiman & Krista Suh (Pussy hat Project)

Michelle Cook, Morning Star Gali, Jaslyn Charger, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard (Standing Rock)

Eartha Kitt (Vietnam activist)

Jane Fonda (Vietnam activist to Climate action) 



PROTEST - (Company)

Music by Barbara Cohen, Lyrics by Perrin Post


HOW DARE YOU! - (Greta Thunberg)

Music & Lyrics by Linnea Mohn


Music & Lyrics by Barbara Cohen

Produced, Arranged and Vocals by Barbara Cohen

Musicians - Barbara Cohen & Nipun Nair

SI SI PUEDE! - (Dolores Huerta)

Music by TBA & Lyrics by Nora Montañez


GREEN NEW DEAL - (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

Music and Lyrics by Kat Perkins

Lead vocals by Kat Perkins

Backing Vocals by Kat Perkins

Produced by Eric Warner

Recorded and mixed by Eric Warner

VOTE! (Alice Paul / Stacey Abrams)

Music by Barbara Cohen, Lyrics by Perrin Post


MALALA - (Malala Yousafzai)

Music & Lyrics by Annie Fitzgerald & Aaron Gabriel


HOW CAN WE WIN - (Kimberly Jones) 

Music & Lyrics by Timothy A. Levy


BLACK PANTHERS ARISE (TBA) - (Elaine Brown /Angela Davis)

Music by Ben Obi, Lyrics by Ashley Dubose


TITLE (TBA) - (Eartha Kitt)

Music & Lyrics by Aaron Gabriel

I SAW VIETNAM - (Jane Fonda)

Music & Lyrics by Kat Perkins & Eric Warner

Lead Vocals by Kat Perkins

Produced by Eric Warner

Recorded and mixed by Eric Warner


MARCH LIKE A GIRL  - (Million Women's March)

Music & Lyrics by Dina Maccabee

Lead Vocals by Linnea Mohn

Backing Vocals by Dina Maccabee, Kat Perkins, Annie Fitzgerald

Produced by Tim Carrow & Jimmy Rogers

Musicians Jimmy Rogers, Tim Carrow, Dina Maccabee


WE ARE WOMEN - (Black Lives Matter)

Music by Ben Obi, Lyrics by Ashley DuBose


WHATS NEW PUSSY HAT- (Pussy Hat Project) 

Music & Lyrics by Linnea Mohn

WE ARE ONE - (Diane Nash)

Music & Lyrics by Timothy A. Levy

Lead Vocals by Ashley DuBose

Backing Vocals by Ashley DuBose and Timothy A. Levy

Produced by Ben Obi & Timothy A. Levy

Recorded & Mixed by Ben Obi


I STILL RISE - (Maya Angelou)

Music by Tasha Baron, Lyrics by Samahra Daly


STANDING ROCK - (Standing Rock)

Music & Lyrics TBA

Jefferson Airplane's “Volunteers of America”  (Marty Balin & Paul Kantner), and Aretha Franklin's Respect” (by Otis Redding)




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