PROTEST represents Women Activists that have made an impact on their communities, politics, and the world.  


Musically, PROTEST transcends the decades, with a rock-musical vibe.  It is a variety of monologues (speeches), solos, duets, trio’s, quartets plus all-cast production numbers as the women protesters ride the resurrected Freedom Bus to different time periods.  PROTEST celebrates women of all races and of all generations.  The women represented in PROTEST are just a handful that fought for all our rights.   The famous speeches & poems become songs as well as dialogue scenes between the characters. 


PROTEST highlights, Greta Thunberg  (Climate activist), Emma Gonzalez (Parkland Activist), Amanda Gorman (Poet), Maya Angelou (Poet), Alice Paul (Suffragette), Malala Yousafzai (Female Education Activist), Kimberly Jones (George Floyd Activist & Author),  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Green New Deal, Politician), Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors & Opal Tometi (Black Lives Matter Co-Founders), Elaine Brown & Angela Davis (Black Panthers), Diane Nash (Civil Rights Activist), Whoopi Goldberg, America Ferrara, Gloria Steinem (Million Woman March), Jayna Zweiman & Krista Suh (Pussy hat Project), Michelle Cook, Morning Star Gali, Jaslyn Charger, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard (Standing Rock), Eartha Kitt (Vietnam activist), and Jane Fonda (Vietnam activist to now.) 

This project will give employment to artists, writers, composers, and lyricists in this time of COVID-19.  Besides poetry, songs, speeches, spoken word, and dance, integrated media, photos, and film images from the protests will be utilized.


Jaslyn Charger - Standing Rock 

Michelle Cook - Standing Rock 

Morning Star Gali  - Standing Rock 

Ladonna Brave Bull Allard - Standing Rock

Maya Angelou - Poet

Alice Paul - Suffragette

Alicia Garza - Black Lives Matters 

Patrisse Cullors - Black Lives Matters

Opal Tometi - Black Lives Matters

Jayna Zweiman - Pussy Hat Project

Krista Suh  - Pussy Hat Project

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Green New Deal

Greta Thunberg - Climate Activist

Eartha Kitt - Vietnam Activist

Jane Fonda - Vietnam to Now

Elaine Brown - Black Panter

Angela Davis - Black Panther

Emma Gonzalez - Gun Control Activist

Kimberly Jones - George Floyd Activist

Malala Yousafzai - Female Education Activist

Whoopi Goldberg - Women’s March

America Ferrara - Women’s March

Gloria Steinhem- Women’s March

Amanda Gorman - Poet Laureate

Diane Nash - Civil Rights Activists


Jefferson Airplane's “Volunteers of America”  (Marty Balin & Paul Kantner), and Aretha Franklin's Respect” (by Otis Redding)



PROTEST - (Company)

Music by Barbara Cohen, Lyrics by Perrin Post


HOW DARE YOU! - (Greta Thunberg)

Music & Lyrics by Linnea Mohn


FURY & FAITH - (Amanda Gorman)

6 MINUTES, 20 SECONDS - (Emma Gonzalez)

Music & Lyrics by Barbara Cohen


GREEN NEW DEAL - (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

Music and Lyrics by Kat Perkins, Lead vocals by Kat Perkins, Backing Vocals by Kat Perkins, Produced by Eric Warner, Recorded and mixed by Eric Warner

VOTE! (Alice Paul)

Music by TBD, Lyrics by Perrin Post


INDIE ROCK SONG - (Malala Yousafzai)

Music & Lyrics by Annie Fitzgerald


HOW CAN WE WIN - (Timothy A. Levy) 

Music by TBD, Lyrics by Perrin Post


BLACK PANTHERS ARISE - (Elaine Brown /Angela Davis)

Music & Lyrics by Ashley Dubose



Music & Lyrics by Kat Perkins & Eric Warner

I SAW VIETNAM - (Company)

Music & Lyrics by Kat Perkins & Eric Warner


MARCH LIKE A GIRL  - (Million Women's March)

Music & Lyrics by Dina Maccabee


BLACK LIVES MATTER - (Black Lives Matter)

Music & Lyrics by TBD


PUSSY SONG - (Pussy Hat Project) 

Music & Lyrics by John Johnson

WE ARE ONE - (Diane Nash)

Music & Lyrics by Timothy A. Levy, Lead Vocals by Ashley DuBose, Backing Vocals by Ashley DuBose and Timothy A. Levy, Produced by Ben Obi & Timothy A. Levy, Recorded & Mixed by Ben Obi


I STILL RISE - (Maya Angelou)

Music & Lyrics by Samahra Daly


STANDING ROCK - (Standing Rock)

Music by Josh Schmidt, Lyrics by TBD


Annie Fitzgerald 

Dina Maccabee 

(Sweet Land composer)


Samahra Daly

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Linnea Mohn

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